The Australian Skincare Pioneer

Cawarra Cosmetics Pty Ltd has been manufacturing in Australia for over 35 years and continues to be regarded as one of the manufacturing pioneers of what is now a heavily competitive and sometimes misleading industry of “natural” skincare. The company produces a large range of certified organic natural skincare, hair care and body products, together with other personal care items.

Cawarra is an Australian owned manufacturer for a wide range of customers who supply to health food, pharmacy, supermarket, and our products are also seen in department stores, beauty salons, spas and many stores throughout the world.

Truth Within Labelling

Certified Organic & 100% Naturally Derived

Over eight years ago Cawarra Cosmetics became a certified organic processor, cementing our niche as a natural & organic manufacturer, a pioneer in the contract manufacturing industry. Our speciality over the years has ensured we have developed our own stability and preservative system and found the best suppliers from around Byron Bay and the world including “Fair Trade” where available. We have developed many organic brands for many companies, including our own brands such as Sanctum and OrganicSpa and Meditree.

We can manufacture your products to Australian, COSMOS (EU) and the USDA Organic Standards with our formulations or yours. We believe in truth with labelling and to be truly natural you must be certified organic and independently accredited.

Products People Love

Although Cawarra specialises in natural and organic products we have in the past manufactured a wide variety of different products from depilatory creams to pet products to household cleaners. If you have something which needs manufacturing or is currently manufactured, why not send us an inquiry via our contact page for a competitive quote. Examples of products we have or currently produce include cleansers; serums; moisturisers; instant tan; dog shampoos; head lice products; cleaners; laundry liquids; hotel amenities etc.

Turning Concepts & Ideas into


Trusted Manufacturing

Our manufacturing facility is a state of the art purpose built (and Cawarra owned) filling and production facility having six filling lines and large scale batching capability. Our production is suited from large production of 100,000’s of unit runs to small batch sizes of 1,000 units in bottles, tubes, or jars. Our facility has been independently audited, accredited and certified with:

  • ISIO 22716 Cosmetics-Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP)
  • ASEAN Guidelines for Cosmetic Good Manufacturing
  • ACO Australian Certified Organic Processor 11690 (Australian Government Approved)
  • OFC Organic Food Chain Processor 0482 (Australian Government Approved)
  • COSMOS Organic & COSMOS Natural Accredited Processor (EU)
  • USDA organic certification on selected products
  • UK Vegan Society
  • Australian Made Campaign
  • Choose Cruelty Free
  • NSW Sustainability Advantage Program

Our Process


Whether its an idea, concept or existing formula our Research and Development team will work hand-in-hand with you to produce formulations to suit your desires, objectives and needs. From packaging concepts to innovative trends we offer the full service driving you from the concept stage to marketable products ready for shelves.


With over 30 years formulating personal and beauty care, our experience is our virtue, however, we understand the nature of the ever-changing industry and will assist you to keep abreast of upcoming trends in formulated products and raw materials. Formulas go under proven accelerated stability testing ensuring it meets your standards for the life of the product.


Great products deserve great packaging. with filling equipment for bottles, jars, sachets and tubes we offer a range of packaging and manufacturing options to tailor any project needs. Tubes and bottles are our speciality and with the latest high speed machines and quality tube suppliers we have the most competitive quotes on the market.

Quality Guaranteed

Our large purpose built and climate controlled manufacturing facility is equipped with specialized HEPA filtration pressure control air ensuring that no air borne contamination can enter. Every production batch is checked and rechecked many times during manufacturing. When complete the bulk is tested for microbiological activity. It is only after this 5 day test that the product can be filled and then a further 5 day micro is needed on the filled product before a “release for sale’ is given and the product shipped to the customer.

Retention samples are kept of bulk and packaged product from every batch. ALL batches have full accountability and visibility through batch numbers. All organic products are separated and stored from non-organic products and all have full traceability back to the farm gate to ensure the authenticity of their organic certification.

Our trained team of chemists and procurement managers ensure only the finest ingredients are used that have full compliance with our certification process. This ensures that your product has full compliance and contains the highest quality of ingredients.

Our fully equipped working laboratory ensures that every product manufactured will not be filled unless it meets the customers agreed specifications. Our 35 year history in the industry is your guarantee that our quality is what we stand behind.

From the Byron Bay


We've come a long way

Founded in Sydney in 1981 by Greg and Jicky Milham the company quickly grew to be a major manufacturer in generic branded supermarket products in the 1980’s. Greg and Jicky with their young family decided to move to the Byron Bay area in the early 1990’s as a more natural alternative to raise their family. In Byron, they recognized a gap in the market place as more people (and Jicky) were demanding natural and organic products.

Today, Greg and Jicky with their three children work within the business in various roles together with an additional 20 staff that have all become part of the Cawarra family. Now over thirty years old the business has many staff that have been with the company for over 15 years and some over 20 years.

Our highly qualified chemists work closely with our technical support staff to produce quality products to our formulations or your own formulas. Our manufacturing expertise, history and product knowledge particularly in the organic industry is well known and respected and gives you the confidence and security to expand into the market here and beyond.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I start after having an idea for a product?

We would ask that you consider the following about your product to get you started; what’s the concept/purpose of the product? Where is it to be sold? Whether you want to be certified organic, vegan, natural, pseudo natural? What key ingredients you might want in your product? What type of packaging and label, and whether or not you want your product in a unit carton or not?

What are the first steps I need to take in developing my own products with Cawarra?

We ask that you fill in a product brief that gives us a basic overview of your concept, ingredients, packaging (tube, bottle, jar) etc. The brief helps us to create individual products for you, the more information the better. With three cosmetic chemists on board and a team for research and development, we are dedicated to ensuring your idea and concept comes to fruition.

How do I go about getting samples made up?

The next step if you were happy to proceed and we are confident we can help you, would be to move into the research and development stage. This is where we develop your brief and make up some samples for you. We would need your business details. Business name, ABN, business address, contact name and email and we would email you an invoice for $1000 ex GST (which is refundable off your first order, non-refundable if you chose not to proceed). Once payment is received we will provide you with up to 10 samples of your product or products (totalling 10) based off the information you have given us. If you would like to work from an existing organic formula we can send you some products from products we have previously made to give you an idea on texture, smell and viscosity. We never make a product the same for any 2 customers. What we do is sit down with every customer to create unique formulas for their brand. Being based on smell, texture, purpose, cost and/or overall brand message.

What are normal lead times for production?

From approved sign off on formula you are looking at 12-16 weeks. This however may vary due to packaging, obtaining certifications, raw material supply and stability trials.

What are your minimum order runs?

For products in bottles and jars it is 1000 units per individual product minimum order run and for products in tubes it’s 3000 units per individual product.

Do you supply packaging or can we supply our own?

We can supply standard types of packaging in the forms of bottles, jars and printed tubes. Alternatively if you have specific packaging that you source yourself we would need to sight this to ensure that it is suitable to our machinery and to your formula before we can supply a quotation. It is important to get know what packaging you want the product to go in as it does determine viscosity. If you wanted a jar it would need to be thick. If a pump, it needs to be thinner. The tubes have certain viscosity parameters also but have a lot more range. Due to our buying power with tubes we can purchase the printed tubes on your behalf. You provide us artwork in the template we provide you. Our tubes are BPA free and are a mixture of HDPE and LDPE.

Do you help in the design of our labels?

Labels and unit cartons are to be designed, sourced and printed by the customer/brand owner. We can supply recommended printing companies when the times comes. We can also provide some templates and relevant industry guidelines to help you with this when required.

How do you quote and what is included in your quoted price?

We quote on a per unit basis and our unit costings are inclusive of formula, packaging (where agreed), labeling (not the label), codes, pack and filled into shippers in one rolled up cost, there are no further charges. Also included is delivery to most capital cities. We do not quote until you have confirmed what formula/s you wish to move ahead with. We also need confirmation on packaging such as sizing, colours (how many in the artwork), flip top or screw top - matte or gloss. And whether you are putting it in unit carton (shelf ready box).

What happens after we confirm the formula?

After you are happy with your formula and wanting to proceed, we will provide you with a quote. If then you confirm this quote, contracts are exchanged and a sales confirmation for the total production job is provided. At this stage a 50% deposit is required, and once received in full we will then enter the product into stability (4-6 months, depending on formula) and into our production schedule. This is based on when the item comes out of stability and/or packaging arrival.

Who owns the formula?

If Cawarra create the formula, we warrant and guarantee stability and safety data for the said formula we maintain ownership of the formulation.

What if we have our own formula?

We are happy to manufacture this for you. For this, we require specifications such as stability data, including preservatives tests, certificates of manufacture and ingredient supply details, where required.

When do I receive my full ingredient list?

We will provide a list of key ingredients with your sample on request only. Full INCI ingredient lists are provided once the sample is approved and 50% deposit paid.

If I had bulk product I needed filled, or bottles I needed labelled, do you offer just these services alone?

Unfortunately we do not offer those services to people that aren't our clients as we are a full service contract manufacturer.

Is Cawarra certified and with who?

Our facility has been independently audited, accredited and certified with:
ISIO 22716 Cosmetics-Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP)
ASEAN Guidelines for Cosmetic Good Manufacturing
ACO Australia Certified Organics
OFC Organic Food Chain (Australian Government approved organic certifier processor number 0482)
USDA organic certification on selected products
UK Vegan Society
Australian Made Campaign
Choose Cruelty Free
NSW Sustainability Advantage Program

What is required to certify my products?

Organic Certification is submitted by ourselves on your behalf to the appropriate organisations. We can also help you obtain other third party certification. Fees are involved.

Do you make sunscreen?

No, as we are not a TGA certified facility we are not able to manufacture products that make SPF claims. We can do a sunscreen naturally in a body moisturiser using zinc and could be claimed as having natural sun filters.
We are a Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) facility, meaning our practices conform to strict guidelines to assure that our products are of high quality and do not pose any risk to the consumer

Do you make coloured cosmetics like lipstick, foundations, make up?

No. We also don’t manufacture toothpastes or manufacture any product into aluminium type tubes.

What kind of microbiological testing and stability testing is done on our product once it has been developed and how much does this cost?

As part of our procedure, all products need to have 4-6 months stability depending on the formulation. After you have signed off on the final formulation and wish to proceed with an order your samples are placed in stability at no additional costs. We provide microbiological testing on all products when produced and then again when filled.

When it comes to placing orders after the initial run, how long does that usually take?

Production times are around 8 to 10 weeks after your first order. However this can sometimes be reduces, but is dependent on raw materials and packaging. Tubes can take 12 weeks from artwork submission.

Are your products tested on animals?

No. We test on humans, all products have been sampled on the staff here at Cawarra (lucky us!). We also use only ingredients that have been studied and have evidence of safety and approval for use in cosmetics. Using mainly natural/organic food based ingredients also ensure safety.

Please send details of your inquiry and project details in the form or via email to the below.

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